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[Night mode] All global navigation open by default appear in night mode on desktop
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Background & User story

Why are we doing this ticket?

  • This ticket will allow all menus and other navigation open by default to appear in night mode on the desktop site.

How does it connect to our overall plans? What goal does it link to?

  • See task tree

What previous/central documentation exists?

User Stories

  • As a night mode reader, I want all menus to appear in night mode, so that I am not distracted by portions of the page not appearing in my selected mode


The following navigation must appear in night mode:

  • Main menu
  • ToC
  • Tools menu
  • Client preferences menu (Text, width, color)
  • Article toolbar (Article, Talk, Read, Edit, etc)
  • Logo and wordmark

Not included in this ticket

  • search, ULS, user menu



Acceptance criteria

  • All product and design requirements must be complete
  • ...

Developer notes on technical requirements and targets

Testing criteria

Signoff criteria

What is required to sign off this ticket?
How will this ticket be documented?
Have we updated the ticket description to reflect the final requirements?

Open questions: