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Fix capitalization in some ISA messages
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Some ISA messages have strange and inconsistent capitalization.

Here's a list I've found till now. Perhaps there are more:

First batch:

  • "Sorry %(campaign_name)s Could not be created" -> could
  • "%(campaign_name)s Campaign created!" -> campaign
  • "You need to Login to update a campaign" -> log in
  • "You cannot update this campaign, Contact Manager User:%(campaign_manager)s" -> "You cannot update this campaign. Contact the manager, User:%(campaign_manager)s"
  • "Booo! %(campaign_name)s Could not be updated!" -> could
  • "You can access information on the previous Campaigns in the Archive section." -> campaigns
  • "Below is a list of your Campaigns" -> campaigns
  • "Most improved Countries" -> countries
  • "show all metadata from commons" -> Commons
  • "Undo Changes" -> changes
  • "Caption Languages" -> languages
  • "We Are Unable to find the page you are looking for" -> "We are unable"
  • "Server Under maintenance" -> under
  • "Make it Simple: Use simple words and concepts to describe what you see in each image (e.g. cat, mountain, Taj Mahal" -> "Make it simple"

Second batch:

  • "Preferred Languages set Successfully" -> "Preferred languages set" (the word "successfully" is not really necessary)
  • "Easily Add Information about Images on Wikimedia Commons" -> "Easily add information about images on Wikimedia Commons"

It should be fairly trivial, and in many other projects I'd make a patch to fix them myself, but I'm not sure how to do it with Gettext projects. They probably need some building after changing the string, and I don't know how to do that.

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Change 990675 had a related patch set uploaded (by Eugene233; author: Eugene233):

[labs/tools/Isa@m2c] Fix capitalization in some ISA messages

Change 990675 merged by jenkins-bot:

[labs/tools/Isa@m2c] Fix capitalization in some ISA messages