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ISA footer includes lego messages
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The ISA footer includes lego messages. In translatewiki jargon, a "lego message" is a message that consists of several messages that are concatenated in run time. Using lego messages is wrong because different languages need different word order, and the translator cannot control the order in which they are concatenated, the usage of whitespace between them, etc.

It's better to pack them as whole sentences. Names or links must included in the message with the markup, or inserted into the message as parameters whose placement in the sentence the translators can control.

Here's the current code:

<footer class="footer bg-light">
        <div class="container">
                <a href="" target="_blank">{{ _('ISA tool') }}</a>
                {{ _('was developed as a collaboration between Wiki In Africa, Histropedia and the Structured Data on Commons project.') }} {{ _('It is running on') }}
                <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
                , {{ _('and is subject to the') }}
                <a href="" target="_blank">Wikimedia Cloud Services Terms of use</a>
                . {{ _('ISA is published under') }}
                <a href="" target="_blank"> GPLv3</a>
                . {{ _('Content added through the tool to Wikimedia Commons is released under') }}
                <a href="" target="_blank">CC0</a>

It's OK to put all of this into one long message. Long messages can be inconvenient to translate, but in this case, it's not too bad.