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Please enable this extension in Indonesian Wikipedia ( 44 users support this extension (the voting was done to determine who gets this right, (1) all editors automatically, (2) editors who asking for it, or (3) all autoconfirmed who were not blocked for the past 3 months -- 19 chose option 2)

Here's the link:

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albertus06 wrote:

  • This extension is very well, so better to get quickly installed. ~~~~

So just to clarify, what is being asked for:

New usergroup (rollbacker) that gives the rollback right to various editors. Some things need to be specified:
*Who can assign users to this new group (Administrators, Bureaucrats, some other group?). Can the same group of people also remove that right from editors who have it.

Correct. We'd like to have new usergroup (rollbacker). Let the admins be the ones that assign rollbackers. They should also be able to remove it. Regards.

zQheert wrote:

please as soon as possible.. thanks

I have used this feature in the English Wikipedia and very helpful in combating vandalism, may be immediately applied in Indonesian Wikipedia. Cheers.

imanuelnugrahaselaksa wrote:

i agree with Bennylin. hopefully this Rollbacker as soon as possible can be realized at Wikipedia Indonesia Language. Regards

Note, these requests are done at regular intervals by people with shell access. There's usually a little delay, but they do get done.

How do you want it configuring?

sandjaja wrote:

Agree with BenyLin, please enable

Sam, we didn't discuss the technical details on the discussion page, so below is what I gather from Please correct me if I'm wrong.

*Don't mark it as bot-edit
*Hidediff set to true

Neither of those are rollback

Do you want a new rollback group adding, that admins can add/remove?

Or do you just want to say give autoconfirmed users it?

Literally, who do you want to have rollback rights? How do you want them to be distributed

From the consensus page (see comment #1) and the local description page (, the admins should be the ones who could add/remove the rollbackers (and I assume that automatically includes all crats).

The right will be given deliberately upon request, and beneath that was added another layer, that is editor right (Extension:FlaggedRevs). While some users mentioned already in the discussion that the two isn't necessarily the same or have the same prerequisites, but it was agreed upon by majority votes that a user should undergo the process of getting editor right first, then s/he may request a rollback right.

I hope that explains it.

Rollbackers group has been added, add/removed by sysop and 'crats

imanuelnugrahaselaksa wrote: