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Wikimedia hashtag search - not updated?
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We started #1lib1ref campaign in Romania and when I tried to see the contributions on Wikimedia hashtag search on it looks like the search is not working. The latest results that come up are from November 2023. From what I gathered this is also the case for other Wikipedias or/and other hashtags.
Our campaign runs until February 5th and I was counting on using this tool to engage with our community.

Can you please investigate and advise?
Thank you!

Event Timeline

Adding a couple of people for awareness.

I believe that Silvia is looking into alternative ways to get this data for the live 1Lib1Ref campaign, as an interim measure.

Hi @klaul!
I'm sorry for the inconveniences! This issue has been reported here and this is why Sam has closed this issue here, to keep working / updating there.
Meanwhile, one solution I'm offering organizers is [[ | this Query in Quarry ]]where you can get all the edits done with the #1lib1ref hashtag in a given Wikipedia language.
I've added instructions there, but feel free to contact me at silviaegt (at) if you have any trouble running the Query.