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Add entity dumps to Wikidata Stable Interface Policy
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As a data user working with Wikidata, I want to know whether the dumps are considered a stable interface or not, in order to make an informed decision on whether I ought to use them.

The Stable Interface Policy (currently) doesn’t make it clear whether the entity dumps (not the XML dumps) are part of the stable interface or not. (See discussion in T305660#9435980 and T305660#9460353.)

According to @Lydia_Pintscher, they should be considered stable (T305660#9460565).

Acceptance criteria:

  • The JSON dumps are listed either under “Stable Public APIs” or under “Unstable Interfaces”. (Probably under “Stable Public APIs” per Lydia above.)
  • The change to the policy has been announced in accordance with the policy (last bullet under “Notification Policy”: i.e., wikidata-tech, wikidata-l, Project Chat).

Open questions:

  • Should we rename “Stable Public APIs” to “Stable interfaces”? I’m not sure if dumps count as APIs. (See also this talk page section.)