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[EPIC] WiKit to Codex migration
Open, In Progress, MediumPublic


Support the Wikidata team with their effort to migrate WiKit-built products to Codex.

The primary goals of the migration are to:

  • Get Wikidata hosted extensions off Vue 2
  • No longer have to maintain WiKit and benefit from upstream improvements to Codex

Generally this will involve migrating to Codex tokens, components, and creating custom components where needed.

The features currently using WiKit and the order of the migration are:

  1. T327683: [WtC] [EPIC] Migrate Mismatch Finder to Codex
  2. T327680: [WtC] [EPIC] Migrate Query Builder to Codex
  3. T327684: [WtC] [EPIC] Migrate Special:NewLexeme page to Codex



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