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Should page previews use Codex for components other than checkboxes/buttons/icons?
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Page previews currently uses Codex CSS components for certain components, but for its more complex components e.g. dialog and the previews itself it doesn't (although there has been some discussion in T274105). It is unique in that the code loads on page load so performance must be considered (T248718). It currently consists of a dialog-like component and page previews like components (as described in T274105).

The questions:

  1. On the long term does it make sense for page previews to use Codex and Vue? Or is is preferable for Popups to use Codex CSS components.
  2. How do we get to the final state we want? What needs to be built/resolved? (e.g. one task might be to support a Codex Dialog CSS component)

Context for this discussion

[page previews setting dialog is not] matching neither the old OOUI look nor the new Codex spec:

image.png (2×3 px, 801 KB)

I would expect it to follow these specs:

image.png (2×3 px, 379 KB)

image.png (2×3 px, 435 KB)

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Are these questions for Design-System-Team to answer? This seems a bit exploratory / nebulous and I'm not sure where page previews fit on anyone's roadmap. Maybe a good hack project?

FWIW we are planning to work on T340456 which is either a duplicate or at least overlaps with T274105 depending on how the component evolves.

Hi @CCiufo-WMF I think these are strategic questions for web and design systems to think over as thought experiments. Right now we don't seem to have a method for determining how to build Codex components but I can imagine we'll need to answer this in future and it would be good to have some kind of flowchart that we can use to make these kind of decisions that ends up with 3 outcomes:

  1. Don't use Codex
  2. Use Codex CSS component
  3. Use Vue.js

Does that make sense?

Hmm then is this a similar question to T248718?

Partially! An answer to T248718 would inform this!

Okay gotcha. I think we might be in a better place to answer this once T349423 is complete. I'll backlog it for now, but I agree we're overdue on providing some sort of guidelines around this.