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Use language selection to override default locale for i18n
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A number of folks have found it odd that selecting a language doesn't change the localization of the app itself (as it would on the web site). This could be a nice change to make.

We also support more locales than any given Android setup likely does, including those that it doesn't recognize at all (3-letter codes). Allowing folks to select their locale even when it's not available in other things on their phone might be nice!

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: normal



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philinje wrote:

Is the app UI entirely dependent on Translatewiki? So if a language is not available as a phone setting, we can still convert the app UI to the degree translations are available?

If so, this is a nice enhancement. It also brings up the question of what happens if the phone language is changed - would the app UI follow and not the Language setting?

All the translations are shipped with the app, so I seen no reason why they couldn't be used with the exception of font availability and rendering issues.

wikimedia.x.0x wrote:

But what if someone wants to search a different WP language edition but _not_ change the language of the app UI?

I'm going to provisionally WONTFIX this, since we're moving towards native apps with native localization and it's not as amenable to this behavior. If it's really wanted we could consider reopening on the new apps though.