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[EPIC] Event List MVP
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NOTE: This epic is for the MVP of Event List. Potential feature improvements are tracked in T362881.

As a Wikimedia user, I would like to see all events (starting with events that use Event Registration), so that I can find events that interest me to potentially join and so that I can see what organizing activity is going on in the movement overall.

Background: We have heard repeated requests from organizers to be able to view a list of a) all events that use Event Registration, and b) all events in the movement. This way, it is easier for people to discover event that may interest them, so organizers can avoid scheduling conflicts and so potential participants can find events that interest them. As part of our efforts to improve the discovery of events on the wikis, we will be creating a basic Event List, starting with events that use Event Registration. However, we may explore as part of this epic how we can also allow events that do not use Event Registration to be added to such an event list in the future.

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