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[SMW] Semantic Search offset incorrect on first display after clicking "further results" in table
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When clicking "further results" for the first time, the "next" link for results 1-20 on the Semantic Search page is loaded with an offset of 0, which basically just reloads results 1-20 again (login with Demo/test):

If you click "next" a second time after it reloads, then it finally shows results 21-40, using the correct offset value of 20:

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Should be fixed by r108306. Can you confirm it now works correctly in all cases?

I couldn't find any difference, the offset is still 0. I overwrote my SMW_QueryResult.php with this file, which I think is the correct way to test this since the only other changed file seems to be README, if I understand correctly:

I reopened this bug, but if there's something else I need to do to properly test this, let me know.

I tested this issue in SMW, and it appears to be fixed. I presume that is r109014.