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Generate SQL dump for Wiki
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We've had a request to generate an SQL dump for a specific Wiki.

We need to provide the complete SQL dump for a specific wiki (id number === 167). This should be placed somewhere accessible over the internet but not publicly available. This is probably easiest to do using a google cloud bucket.

It should probably be encrypted.

Once this is done the details should be passed to Valerie so she can pass it on to the user.

Some notes containing internal information about this request (like where it is going) are in this WMDE internal google doc:


Due Date
Feb 22 2024, 12:00 AM

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@Valerie_Wollinger_WMDE I created the encrypted dump and made it available for download. Instructions are in the Google Doc

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The procedure itself was pretty painless:

mysqldump --host="$DB_HOST" --port="$DB_PORT" --user="$DB_USER" --password="$DB_PASSWORD" $WIKIDB | gzip -c > ./$WIKIDB_dump.sql.gz

I encrypted the file locally after importing the user's key to my keychain

gpg --output $FILENAME.sql.gz.gpg --encrypt --recipient $FILENAME.sql.gz
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File has been downloaded and can be deleted again.