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Allow stewards to block an IP locally on Meta-Wiki as part of the global block form
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Author: peter_symonds

At the moment, a global block is, by default, not active on Meta-Wiki because the user may need to appeal. However, this is being exploited by some cross-wiki vandals, who are moving their abuse to Meta.

For known cases, it would be helpful for stewards to enable the global block on Meta from the form itself, in the form of a tickbox.

This box would, by default, remain unchecked. But in the case of abuse, we could use this box to enable the global block on Meta-Wiki.

Version: master
Severity: enhancement



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Oh, with the current proliferation of spambots, this would be so so so so useful, especially where the spambots are on meta.

I would think that if there was an additional checkbox, and its behaviour was to just block anonymous only that would be a significant improvement, and make significantly help the efficiency of stewards.

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