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Allow "lipsum" data generation tool to create projects with empty descriptions
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The testing data generation tool lipsum allows for automated creation of testing data such as users, tasks and projects

It unfortunately doesn't add project descriptions when it creates projects

So since T344610, when I run:

/opt/phabricator/bin/lipsum generate projects -f --quickly

I see this error:

OOPS Generator ("Projects") was unable to generate an object.
Validation errors:

  • Projects must have a description. Phabricator is public. Describe the project in a way that allows anyone to clearly understand what the scope is (not) about. Add links to relevant public project pages with more information, or link your #Team_Project. If you create a sprint, document its dates.

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This patch seems to work creating an empty description exception for the lipsum tool:

Will test it a bit more then do a proper gitlab merge request...

I suppose an alternative (more simple?) approach would be to modify lipsum to add descriptions 🤔

Probably in this file?


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