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Remove Wikit MenuItem import from MismatchRow component
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Currently, the MenuItem Wikit component is still being imported in MismatchRow.vue.

Plan of action:

the only thing we are using from the menu item is the type so we take the definition

type MenuItem = {
    label: string;
    description: string;
    tag?: string;

and delete the import, this will also get rid of the styles of the MenuItem, so we need to do some adjustments. there are some basic styles like this one that are affecting the look of the menu like this one

<li> li {
  margin-inline-start: 1rem;

we need to make a couple more specific rules for the .cdx-menu-item explicitly making the margin : 0.
this rule

li + li {
  margin-block-start: 1rem;

is also making the menu-items have a margin on top, we need a specific rule to set this to 0, besides that it seems to work fine

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