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Liquid Thread activation on meta
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Author: christophe.henner


Discussions on meta tends to be rather long. It's one of the purpose of this wiki. Having Liquid Thread enabled would really ease reading those long discussions.

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gitlab: include users with projects in searchtoolforge-repos/gitlab-account-approval!10bd808work/bd808/T356350main
Customize query in GitLab

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Please show a link to community consensus for this change.

christophe.henner wrote:

Would you be ok with people supporting it directly here ? Or you want it to happen on meta ?

Similar requests have been closed even though there was community consensus. LQT deployments were considered "on hold" until the re-engineering was complete. See Bug 19699#c10. Has this status changed?

Per comment 4, closing INVALID for lack of consensus (at least now), you can close it as LATER if a community consensus arises.

Wiki consensused suck. +1 for meta liquidthreads from me.

Not sure if this is a good idea, LQT barely works with latest MediaWiki anymore.

ugh! sorry, LQT is disorienting, and I find it harder and takes longer to skim the pages and read the comments. I'd prefer LQT to be improved more, with active WMF support, before it's enabled on meta. It could just be me, though, that dislikes LQT.