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MSRV CI is failed
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The MSRV currently checked by CI is 1.67.1, but CI is down.

Also, the project-wide MSRV Policy was recently defined, and according to this policy, the rustc in Debian Stable (bookworm) is 1.63, so the current MSRV is in violation of the policy to begin with.

It might be better to review the MSRV policy and make it "stable minus two", etc.

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I guess I didn't fully realize the implications of the MSRV policy when you brought it up, I think stable minus two is much simpler to manage. Or maybe we just adopt set the MSRV required by our dependencies (the status quo).

Also, do we think/know of anyone using mwbot-rs with old Rust versions? My impression is that most people just use the latest stable compiler.

I don't think we need to support that old rustc either. The current MSRV Policy is what I set up anyway.
I just wanted explicit criteria to figure out how far and what to include in the dependency. If it's "up to the rustc version that the dependency requires," that's fine.

mirror-kt claimed this task.
It doesn't seem to make sense to specify a strict version, so let's use "the latest rustc as long as the dependency requires it".

Sorry for the confusion, if there is any other discrepancy in perception, please reopen it.