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[Programs & Events Dashboard] Improve system for copying courses from one Dashboard to another
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Brief summary

There are two production instances of the WikiEduDashboard software: Programs & Events Dashboard ( and Wiki Education Dashboard ( The system includes a tool to copy a course page from one Dashboard to the other, but the copied content is incomplete. If a course with Timeline content is copied, the Timeline content is not included, making it difficult to re-use assignment plans from Wiki Education Dashboard on Programs & Events Dashboard. In this project, you will improve the course copying feature so that useful Timelines and other content can more easily be transferred across servers.

Difficulty: Intermediate

This is a moderately complex feature with frontend and backend components, but it touches a limited and well-defined portion of the codebase with code that is all in our control.

Estimated Size: 350 hours

Skills required

  • Ruby
  • JavaScript & React

Possible mentor(s)

Shashwat Khanna


Before you get started with the Dashboard, please see

Suggested first tasks:

Event Timeline

Hi @Ragesoss

Thank you for sharing your project proposal. Do you have a co-mentor for this project?

Kindly complete the proposal submission next steps:

If you have any questions on the next steps, don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you!

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Hi @Ragesoss

Thank you for sharing your project proposal. Please can you add the expected size of project it can be either: 90, 175 or 350 hours. If possible please also add, an easy, intermediate or hard/difficult rating. This helps the more inexperienced folks not get overwhelmed and they can focus on reviewing easy project ideas.

Thank you,

Hi @Ragesoss

I have added this project to our GSOC 2024 Media Wiki page:

Kindly share your project via Wikitech by replying to this thread:

I have added you to the mentor Zulip chat where you can connect with fellow mentors for ongoing support and collaboration. We recommend you have a co-mentor for every project, if you have one kindly add them to the project and they will be added to the zulip chat also.

Hello @Ragesoss can you assign me a new microtask or may I choose any of the newcomer friendlt issue from git. Since its my first time contributing. I have read about this project thoroughly and pretty confident I can work with frontend componets without any help though i may need your mentoring working on with some of the backend components.

Also will you able to guide me in setting up the timeline for the project to write in proposal? It would be great help.

Hi and thank you for your interest! Please check thoroughly (and all of its communication section!). The page covers how to get started, assigning tasks, task status, how to find a codebase, how to create patches, where to ask general development questions and where to get help with setup problems, and how to ask good questions. Thanks a lot! :)