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"importScriptURI is not defined" with monobook skin
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Description reveals the following on the JS console: "importScriptURI is not defined"

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: normal



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I don't get this on my dev wiki, but I do get the other 2 errors..

I *think* it may have something in the Gadgets .... testing.

This is/was because of

importScriptURI and importScript aren't supported by natively MediaWiki anymore. But tries to emulate them.

Since mw.loader.util is undefined when is loaded, I wrapped a loader-call around the whole js.

This caused that common.js-code was executed after monobook.js; thus importScriptURI & Co. were undefined.

So there is the question whether it is intended that mw.util is initialized after common.js is loaded and why mw.util.$content is still null despite all code is wrapped inside the loader-module.

mw.util should be loaded on top of everything, so there definitely seems to be a ResourceLoader related problem. I get several undefined errors for various modules and plugins (e.g. $.cookies) on the enwiki deployment.

Reopening this; Wrapping common.js in mw.loder is horrible kludge, and the loading order of common > skin JS should not be changed.

Spoke too soon.

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