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Temporary Accounts Initiative (IP Masking) - Add user_is_temp to data tables
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The Temporary Accounts Initiative (formerly IP Masking) will have an impact on how we analyze users (editors, registrations etc.). In T333223 we asked the MediaWiki team to help us identify a temporary user in the upstream tables and they have added a new Boolean field called user_is_temp in the user table.

We need to add a similar field in the downstream data tables that rely on the mediawiki user table to help identify temporary users. See tables and fields needed listed below


[Committed] Temporary Accounts for Unregistered Editors

Success metrics

  • How we will measure success

Example areas:

  • Deadlines
  • User satisfaction : querying this data becomes easier using our existing data tables
  • Performance
  • Accessibility : we will be able to clearly identify and report on which users have registered using the registration process or had a temporary account created for them to avoid displaying their IP addresses
  • Maintenance
  • Movement impact
  • Scalability
  • Data Quality
  • Integration
  • Compliance

In scope

  • known scope

The following tables should get a new field similar to user_is_temp (reference document)

image.png (310×1 px, 58 KB)

Out of Scope

  • known boundaries

Artifacts & Resources

IP Masking impacted Data tables
IP Masking Impact on Data Pipelines: Work Breakdown Structure

Link to diagrams
Link to specifications, architecture and design docs
Link to product one pagers

Event Timeline triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 5 2024, 8:17 PM created this task.

FYI, based on the results of T337103, user_is_anonymous and its siblings should be false for temporary users.

Also, I'd suggest making the field user_is_temporary rather than user_is_temp. That would be in line with our usual practice of spelling things out fully, and also probably slightly more accessible.

mw:User account types is the best reference on the difference between IP, temporary, and permanent users.