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can not get a list of article contributors when using + a SQLite database.
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Author: richard.kreckel

Beginning with 1.18.0, there is a file called includes/WikiPages.php in which class WikiPage's public function getContributors() assembles a SQL query using the FIRST() function. That function is not known by SQLite! Programs using this will fail on MediaWiki installations based on SQLite. E.g. DumpHTML fails due to this.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal



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Confirmed on 1.18, looks OK on trunk.

Can we get a better bug title?

Fixed in trunk by r98222. Richard, you can manually apply the patch to fix the issue (aka replace FIRST() by MIN()).

Merged in REL1_18 with r108767.

richard.kreckel wrote:

Works fine, now. Thanks.