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Incorrect Gift Source
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Community Gift as a gift source was supposed to be retired this fiscal year, but it is still being used. Unfortunately, Civi is not cooperating and is just spinning. It looks like they were only coming through in October. Can you tell me more about these? and can we correct them? I am unable to from my end

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@NNichols I checked & yes they appear to only related to one day in October - they are all recurring paypal so perhaps it was to with the timing of when they came in vs when we updated the others.

I think we can fix them & move on.

image.png (313×1 px, 72 KB)

I'm guessing they should all be 'Online Gift'

I'm thinking it was 'spinning' because you were doing a slow search to find them - but having confirmed they are all in that narrow date range we can use a more targetting search & can probably update from there

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Fixed this on a call with Nora