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Organize a developer sprint on thumbnails changes
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From the last RfC meeting on 13 August 2014:

21:46:05 <sumanah> mark: re did you end up organizing the sprint you suggested?
21:46:21 <sumanah> "As you know there's a fair amount of desire to change the way thumb handling & storage works, support more variants (sizes, quality), etc by various teams. I'm starting to think it would be good for us to organise a sprint on this very topic, get the multimedia team, relevant Ops people and some other interested developers from other teams and really dive into these problems."

PS: not sure whether this Mark refers to Holmquist or Bergsma -- assuming the former.



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marktraceur wrote on 2014-08-20 15:42:42 (UTC)

@Qgil, from the page linked in the IRC quote:

In reply, Mark Bergsma said: would be good for us to organise a sprint on this very topic...

qgil wrote on 2014-08-20 16:22:40 (UTC)

Sorry for the confusion. I have pinged Mark Bergsma via email, as I couldn't find him here.

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