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Do not run 'test' pipeline for wmf/branch_cut_pretest
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Any patches to wmf/branch_cut_pretest are immediately +2'd so running the test pipeline is unncesssary and wasteful.

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Thinking this through, we'd want to adjust the test-wmf trigger to ignore patchset-created events if the branch is branch_cut_pretest?

I think that can be done by adding a reject-approval to the event. We did something like that on which only applies to Code-Review +1 being cast by an approved user. scap-backport is in a similar situation.

Change 999500 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hashar; author: Hashar):

[integration/config@master] zuul: do not test patches having CR+2

Oh yeah, that's neat. Let's try it out.

Change 999500 merged by jenkins-bot:

[integration/config@master] zuul: do not test patches having CR+2

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2024-02-09T15:05:04Z] <James_F> Zuul: Do not test patches having CR+2 for T357080

Jdforrester-WMF assigned this task to hashar.

OK, this seems to have worked e.g. on from LibUp only went into gate-and-submit and never had the test pipeline run, which in general will save quite a lot of CI time. :-)

Nice idea, @taavi.

I'm fairly sure LibUp patches have been configured that way for a while, LibUp will add V+1 to manually trigger test jobs when not +2'ing. But we'll see what happens with the next branch_cut_pretest job when it runs.