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Create two tags: #essential-work and #okr-work
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Strategic progress tracking (i.e. annual planning, quarterly learning sessions etc. etc.) at WMF divides work into two types, OKR work (i.e. work that advances some KR or hypothesis) and Essential work.

As part of that, the percent of time a team spends on OKR work and Essential Work is and will continue to be a reporting requirement for managers. But asking individual engineers what percent of their time they've spend on each category is inaccurate and inefficient, also not fun.

Instead, I would to tag each ticket in our Phabricator board with #essential-work or #okr-work and then use our point estimation/actual to estimate a percentage. It would be easy to assign these tags during standup and easy for me to calculate without bothering the engineers.

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Can we re-purpose Maintenance-Worktype and NewFunctionality-Worktype (re-label them or whatever)? This (was meant to) capture the same concept in 2015 (context in T109492).

That would work, and then we'd be tag-total neutral