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Fix Fastlane Upload Metadata failures
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Our fastlane lane bundle exec fastlane ios upload_app_store_metadata is outdated and fails. We should decide to either remove it entirely or get it working again.

There is a volunteer PR that fixes these. To move forward with it, we should:

  1. Confirm the keyword changes with product (see below).
  2. Confirm there isn't any metadata currently in App Store Connect that conflicts with the information in our fastlane/metadata folder. If so, copy the App Store Connect values into fastlane/metadata.
Keyword changes:

We have to limit the total keyword length to 100 characters. These are the new keywords for the longer languages:

  • es-ES, es-MX: Wikipedia,referencia,wiki,enciclopedia,info,conocimiento,búsqueda,investiga,información,explora (removed aprende)
  • fr-CA, fr-FR: Wikipédia,référence,wiki,encyclopédie,infos,connaissance,recherche,informations,actualités (removed découverte, apprendre, étudier, éducation)
  • it: Wikipedia,riferimento,wiki,enciclopedia,info,conoscenza,ricerca,informazione,esplorazione (removed apprendimento)
  • vi:

Keywords were contracted from:
Wikipedia, tham khảo, wiki, bách khoa toàn thư, bktt, bách khoa thư, từ điển bách khoa, tđbk, thông tin, kiến thức, tri thức, nghiên cứu, tham hiểm, học hành, tìm hiểu


Volunteer PR is here.