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Add support configuration for OpenStreetMap
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I noticed requests are going to and not getting any replies there. Probably worth making them go to their github issue tracker instead.

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As per the screenshot, the issue tracker on github is set up with a number of templates
Where can the messages with issues be sent?
#1 As a bug?
#2 Redirects to How to translate on OpenSteetMaps wiki.
#3 There's an option to create a new issue with the following params:

        title: Translation issue with message %MESSAGE%
        body: "\n\nURL: %MESSAGE_URL%"

I'd think we could either use a bug of feature request template. Maybe the best course of action is reach out to OSM and ask what they prefer? Maybe they even want a new template just for these.

Change 1006615 had a related patch set uploaded (by Wangombe; author: Wangombe):

[translatewiki@master] Add support configuration for OpenStreetMap

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We now have an open Github issue for this task on OpenStreetMap.

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Increasing to reflect the change in scope of the task which now requires consultation with the OSM team.

Waiting for response from OSM team.

Change #1006615 abandoned by Wangombe:

[translatewiki@master] Add support configuration for OpenStreetMap


No longer needed after this discussion:

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As at the posting of this comment, the conversation on GitHub with the OSM team has stalled. From the screenshot below demonstrates using an message box notice to inform and potentially direct these queries to OpenStreetMaps GitHub issues page when a user is in the process of creating an issue on Translating talk:OpenStreetMap.

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