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Additional footer link available in Wikibase Cloud instances
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For wikis, such as Wikimedia Foundation Memory Bank Data Wiki, which a need to link to both a wiki privacy policy and privacy policy of the Wikibase Cloud service (along with other possible uses for an additional external footer link) - it would be good to have at least one additional footer external link available and able to be setup via MediaWiki: system messages.

From what I can tell - all of the default/existing links (again - using above wiki as an example) are basically "in use" already:

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Hey @Varnent we're trying to understand your request and were wondering what your need behind having two footer links would be. Would it be an acceptable alterantive to have a page on wiki, that links to the two privacy policies (yours and ours)? (See example of what we mean on an example wiki)

We also noticed that the text on the privacy policy you linked reads to us like you would expect to create summary page about how the two privacy policies would interact. Did we understand that correctly?


I have setup a page as a temporary solution. However, I suspect that longterm, Legal (where this request originated) is going to ideally want us to link to both privacy policies from every page as that's more often the setup that we use. The bottom of is a good example where we link to both the organization's Privacy Policy for that site as well as the web host's privacy policy. So in theory, here we would want "Privacy Policy" link and "Wikibase Cloud Privacy Policy" link as well.

Hey @Varnent thanks for giving this a shot. Please let us know when the temporary solution is no longer sufficient for legal. Thanks!