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Archive WMDE analytics Gerrit repositories
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This task is based on T354534: Archive Wikidata Concepts Monitor repositories (using the same tags) and is resulting from T356618: [EPIC] Check of legacy wmde analytics infrastructure. We need to archive the following Gerrit repositories:

From T354534, the directions for how to achieve this is:

Mark them archived in CI, which lets us get rid of the lintr Docker image.

A question on this: for the first two there are GitHub repos for them as well. As they're Gerrit mirrors, will they be removed automatically, or do we have to do it explicitly? The GitHub repos are:

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AndrewTavis_WMDE renamed this task from Archive WMDE analytics repositories to Archive WMDE analytics Gerrit repositories.Feb 15 2024, 5:03 PM

All gerrit repos have been archived! I'm not sure what will happen w.r.t. the github repos. They might have to be archived independently, but we can always wait and see.

When archiving the Gerrit repositories, we delete the mirrors in GitHub.

The replication replaces slashes / by dashes - in the Gerrit project names. So we can delete the repositories listed at:

And I guess that while at it we can delete the various WDCM repositories that got archived in Gerrit via T354534.

In ideal world we would have a script/runbook to archive the repositories and take care of all those tasks, or maybe a system to automatically sync up the states. But none of those exists so that is mostly handled manually for now via Projects-Cleanup ;)

Thank you both so much! Let me know when the GitHub repos have been deleted and I'll resolve this and update the greater epic 😊

Hi! I'm not an admin on our Github repos, meaning I can't do anything on that front.

I have deleted all the repositories from the search links at T357697#9648813 :)

AndrewTavis_WMDE claimed this task.

Fantastic! Thank you both again for the help here :) Really is great to be winding down these processes and moving onto the next steps! 🎉