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Data Request for Programs and Events Dashboard
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We are reviewing different methodologies for providing self taught learning materials, and would like to test our assumptions about how self taught trainings are used.

Data we would like:

  • User name for who has taken or attempted to take one of the trainings
  • When they started and/or finished the training
  • Percentage of material taken for users attempting the training
  • And anything else that is easy to pull per training attempt

Ideally we would have the data from the beginning of the availability of the Training Feature, and for all courses, but understand if it would have to be time bound or would need to be sliced into sets in some way.

The primary evaluator of the data would be @Rmaung and would only be used internal to the Foundation.

Event Timeline

I've put this on my todo list. I'm on vacation next week but might be able to do it the following week.

I've just sent the data to @Rmaung. It includes every record in the database, which should stretch all the way back to when the first training module was added.

(For my own possible future reference, here's the script I used to pull this data: )

A few notes:

  • The data is stored in the form of "TrainingModuleUser" records, which keep track of when a user starts a module (ie, when they visit one of the slides of that module for the first time), the last slide they reached and when they reached it, and when the completed it (ie, visited the last slide).
  • There is only one record for each module for a user, so there is no there is no way to tell whether a user went through a module more than once.
  • For each module, you can find the number and order of slides from the module config page for it: . The slide 'slug' values correspond to the 'last_slide_completed' in the data, and should provide an accurate way to calculate the portion of the module that was completed. Technically it is possible that the slides within a module changed since a given TrainingModuleUser record was created or updated, but I'm not aware of any significant changes that are actually likely to be worth accounting for.