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Android Instrumentation for updated warning messages flow on Edit Patrol
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Previously, users would have to manually type warning messages. We want to reduce the onboarding burden for patrollers so we are introducing example saved messages in the Edit Patrol feature. This task is to instrument the addition of canned messages to this feature.

Because they will be stored in different ways on the backend, we've separated out the two types of saved messages in the flow (see updated flow in Saved Messages T356774)

  • Example messages = 10 prewritten messages, appear in second tab. Users can send them as-is, or modify them and send them. If they want to save their modified version, it appears as a new message under Your Messages. Example messages cannot be deleted or modified in the app.
  • Your messages = user's saved messages, either created from scratch, templates, or by modifying an example message.

Ensure instrumentation follows schema requirements as defined by our analyst. Analyst must be able to answer:

  • How often do users create messages from scratch instead of using an example message?
  • How often do users modify an example message before sending?
  • How often do users modify an example message and save that version to "Your Messages"?
  • How often do users click on each of the 10 example messages?



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JTannerWMF updated the task description. (Show Details)
JTannerWMF updated the task description. (Show Details)
SNowick_WMF renamed this task from Instrumentation for updated warning messages flow on Edit Patrol to Android Instrumentation for updated warning messages flow on Edit Patrol.Feb 23 2024, 12:37 AM
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Hi @SNowick_WMF heads up that the updated template designs T355141 have moved into Ready for Dev in case you need to update any schema documentation

There is time for templates but saved messages is almost done

@SNowick_WMF Robin has updated the mocks in Saved Messages T356774, and I updated the task description now that we have new language for the 2 types of saved messages.

@HNordeenWMF Saved Messages data Instrumentation (Slides 44 - 54) is ready, @Sharvaniharan is reviewing now. Task will go to engineering once she signs off.

I noticed that on the parent ticket to this task there is a question about which specific warning messages users are sending:

[]" Instrument warning messages to understand which are commonly used (T358154)"

we have not instrumented to track which specific example messages are sent, just wired to answer the Requirement questions at top of this ticket. We can track which of the example messages are sent most frequently but will have to add that to what we are tracking laid out in the instrumentation doc. Let me know if we want to modify for specific example messages.

Thanks @SNowick_WMF, I understood that to mean differentiating between the methods folks have to send a message: 1) writing their own messages, 2) Create/save new message using a template from template search, 3) using Example messages as is 4) using Example messages and editing, so I don't think we need to track usage of different example messages.

Are we set-up to measure 2 in relation to the template work on going T355141? or shall I add a new subtask for updating instrumentation to include Templates? I missed adding this question from our Product<>Data agenda: How often are users using Saved Templates vs using Templates saved by community ie Publishing using Template Search

@HNordeenWMF We are all set to measure the different methods, added tracking for the individual messages themselves.

Data Instrumentation is complete for Saved Messages (Slides 44-55). Includes tracking individual messages sent frequency.

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HNordeenWMF updated the task description. (Show Details)
HNordeenWMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

Hi @ABorbaWMF

Please use the dev APK to test

Live streaming

Please make sure to set the "Event platform batch size" to 1
Settings -> Developer settings -> inside "Logging" section -> Event platform batch size