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Closing tab transition takes too long
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Have a large number of wikipedia tabs opened (> 10)
  2. Try to close them all one by one by clicking on X.
  3. Observe it can take too long because the transition time is very large

Expected results

We should be able to close the tabs faster

Actual results

Closing process takes too long. I know there is a "Close all tabs" button, but sometimes we want to filter the tabs while we are closing them. I think this usecase is common for several users that do the same.

Stack trace

I don't think it is needed as it is easily reproducible

Environments observed

App version: 2.7.50467-r-2024-01-22
Android OS versions: Android 14
Device model: Moto G 54 5G
Device language: English

Event Timeline

hi @Dbrant is there any chance of this being improved? Or at least have a setting/feature to enable the "fast close" for tabs? If so I would like to implement. Or if there is other more relevant task related to Tabs I would like to contribute

ABorbaWMF subscribed.

After attempting these steps multiple times with different variations, this appears to be fixed on 2.7.50474-r-2024-02-29