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MoveComms support for Northward Datacentre Switchover (March 2024)
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Dear MoveComms,

We are planning a datacentre switchover for the week of March 18th (week 12) with the following schedule:

The expected impact is 2-3 minutes of read-only on Wednesday, 20 March 2024 @ 14:00 UTC.

Note that we are implementing the changes described in Recurring, Equinox-based, Data Center Switchovers, in particular:

  • There is no switchback! we are staying in eqiad until the next switchover.
  • Future switchovers are predictable and take place every 6 months; always on the week of an equinox.

Let serviceops know if you need more info on the changes.

Thank you!


As soon as the task is received by CRS

  • Ask SRE if anything major changed since the last time (noticeable things that are worth being announced).
    • If yes, update the process or the message.
  • Confirm when the wikis will be in read-only
  • Add the date to Asana, with a link to this task

Three weeks before (Feb 29)

  • Tech News message (initial warning) - done
  • Update the message to communities
    • Check on dates and links
  • Have the message being translated by emailing both:
    • translators-l for translations
    • wikitech-ambassadors for information and translations
  • Monitor the message's talk page

Two weeks before (March 4)

The week before (March 11)

    • Emailing mailing lists:
      • wikitech-ambassadors and translators-l once again (reminders)
      • wmfall (done by SRE)
    • Added to the news on the Meta front page - diff
    • Send the message to communities
  • Tech News (add to the upcoming issue "this is happening this week")

The week it happens (March 18)

  • monitor the wikis

The week after (March 25)

  • Debrief how it went, and document (comment on this task) - done in advance

Event Timeline

Thank you @jijiki! We will start the process very soon.

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@jijiki, I'll be your host on this journey.

Have you changed anything major/noticeable compared to the previous read-only time?

Can you carefully read the message I plan to send to communities, please? Maybe some items listed there are not relevant anymore.

@Trizek-WMF as per our off-phabricator discussion, the major change is that this is not a procedure we test anymore, but it has become standard practice. Please edit the message as you see fit to reflect that.

The message was updated to remove the idea of a test. As everything is okay, I can continue with the next steps.

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The few reactions I observed from communities came from users who thanked me for the information message I sent last Friday.

Debrief with @jijiki:

The read-only time can happen between 14:00 and 14:30 - the time window allocated by SRE - depending on how smoothly the process goes. As a consequence, the banner shown on wikis should stay longer: at the moment, it is displayed from 13:30 to 14:01, but it should be scheduled to last until 14:30. SRE and Movement Communication reach at each other to declare the read-only done, and then the banner is deactivated.

I updated the documentation accordingly.

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