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Remove Vector's unused broken configuration flags for user skin preference
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These configuration flags were added to assist us in rolling out the new skin. In production we've set it so that new accounts get legacy Vector and existing accounts get legacy Vector but this doesn't work as written. Their removal would greatly simply how our existing code works. We should remove these configuration flags.


During the roll out of Vector 2022 we added configuration flags to support the default skin being different for logged in users and new accounts. These haven't been working for some time and should be either fixed or removed. The default values for both in production are identical, so if we want these to work we could also revise them

User story

As an engineer I want a codebase that's easier to maintain so that I can reliably ship features to new users.

Acceptance criteria

  • wgVectorDefaultSkinVersionForExistingAccounts is removed
  • wgVectorDefaultSkinVersionForNewAccounts is removed.

Event Timeline

We can probably make use of T321527 for this if we don't need it to be done on a per wiki basis?

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