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Hardware requests for Data Platform Engineering - FY2024-2025
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From @wiki_willy :

Hey everyone - it's that time of the year again to enter in your CapEx hardware requests for next fiscal year. Please take a look at the following spreadsheet, and enter in the information for your teams:

Refreshes - The hardware refreshes are pre-populated for your convenience; once you enter in the "hardware config" and "network speed," the costs will auto-calculate. If you have a "custom" hardware config, you'll need to enter in the "total equipment cost" manually; in this case, feel free to reach out to myself or Rob if you need help with a general estimate.

New Requests - For "new" or "expansion" requests, you can add the information in the blank space towards the bottom of the sheet. Please fill in all the columns, including a short description in column B for justification purposes. Just like the pre-populated refreshes, the cost will auto-calculate if you're using standard hardware configurations; if not, you'll need to enter in the estimated cost manually.

Feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions. Also, feel free to add anyone else to the document, if you want to delegate the task. With the overall budget envelope being determined in mid-March, I'm hoping everyone can fill this out by March 8. If you have anything new that pops up after March 8 (due to annual planning, changes, etc.), there will still be some flexibility to add things afterwards. Much appreciated in advance for all your help.

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