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[Investigate] [WtC] Evaluate feasibility of replacing WiKit (Vue 2) by Codex (Vue 3) components
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All WiKit components used in production on Query builder need to be replaced by Codex elements. WiKit was built using Vue 2, while Codex is made out of Vue 3 components.

We need to investigate if we can use the Wikit Legacy + Vue Migration Build migration approach for Query Builder as we did for Mismatch Finder in replacing WiKit to Vue 3 Codex.

If this migration approach is not feasible we need to find a new migration approach for Query Builder.

Acceptance criteria:

  • we create a PoC reflecting the migration approach
  • we have documented our preferred approach to migrate Query Builder from WiKit to Vue 3 Codex that includes the list of the elements to migrate and how (see Wikit to Codex Migration Assessment for example for documentation)

Event Timeline

Sprint Planning: Timebox of 16 hours (2 Days) (strong suggestion for mob or pair)

Potential Plan of Action

  1. Check the compatible libraries
  2. Check the existing components and their replacements
  3. Check if it's possible to skip Vue compat. build

Helpful Links


  • Can we migrate to Vue3 directly and skip the vue2 compat build migration step? Is it possible? What would it imply? (by @guergana.tzatchkova)

Change 1009489 had a related patch set uploaded (by Guergana Tzatchkova; author: Guergana Tzatchkova):

[wikidata/query-builder@master] [PoC] Migrate vue2 to vue3 compat build

Change 1010875 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hasan Akgün (WMDE); author: Hasan Akgün (WMDE)):

[wikidata/query-builder@master] WtC PoC

Change #1010875 merged by jenkins-bot:

[wikidata/query-builder@master] Migrate vue2 to compatBuild mode 3