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[S] iOS add `app_install_id` value to data sent to EditattemptStep
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A new column app_install_id has been added to the EditAttemptStep stream. We will need to append unique users app_install_id value to event data we send to EditAttemptStep.

The following action events (all of them) should include an additional value for column `app_install_id:


Also note: will need to bump the schema version of EditAttemptStep that we are submitting with to 2.0.3 for this field to be present.

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Tsevener renamed this task from iOS add `app_install_id` value to data sent to EditattemptStep to [S] iOS add `app_install_id` value to data sent to EditattemptStep .Mar 7 2024, 6:44 PM
JTannerWMF raised the priority of this task from Medium to High.Mar 9 2024, 2:19 AM

This will be released to external beta testers - TestFlight 7.4.10 (3385).

Thank you @Tsevener - very happy to have this data!

Validating Beta/test user data - column app_install_id is populated from users with the following app versions:


Will keep this ticket open to validate data when Prod version is released.

Prod data for version in editattemptstep has app_install_id values for most events.

Note we did see a small percentage (1.7%) of events with NULL app_install_id values, I am going to keep an eye on this and see if it continues. Data

Closing this as resolved, events with NULL values have dwindled to a very small count, I expect they will go to zero with next release.