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Fix requestctl naming collision on "sites"
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In requestctl actions, we have a sites: field, indicating which cache DCs to apply the rule in. In requestctl patterns, we have a sites/ directory, containing patterns that match requests for a specific vhost, like It turns out, reusing the word "sites" can be confusing.

My current plan is to rename sites/ to domains/, and not make any changes to sites:. I'll use a three-commit "duplicate, repoint, delete" migration so that existing actions will continue to work uninterrupted:

  • copy request-patterns/sites to request-patterns/domains
  • update all actions to change each pattern@sites/foo to pattern@domains/foo
  • delete request-patterns/sites
  • update requestctl generator on superset prod and superset-next

The VCL produced will be byte-for-byte identical -- this is strictly to improve the tool's ergnomics.

Before I start, if any user of requestctl would like to argue for a better name, now's the time!

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RLazarus triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 1 2024, 12:46 AM
RLazarus created this task.

@RLazarus please update also requestctl-generator when you do it.
I've added an item to the task description. At the moment because superset is in the process to be migrated to k8s the requestctl-generator file lives in two different places and needs to be modified in both place, the current prod one will disappear soon though.

Will do, thanks for the pointer.