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Pre-/Post-analysis of mobile VE as default (partner wikis)
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T352127 set the mobile visual editor as the default editing interface on mobile for all:

  1. New accounts and
  2. People who are logged out

This task involves the work of doing an initial analysis to learn whether this change may be contributing to any significant regressions in how successful people are editing on mobile.

Decision(s) to be made

  • Will we continue with plans to offer the mobile visual editor by default to new accounts and people who are logged out?

Research questions

Before and after mobile VE was offered by default (T352127) did we notice any of the following?

  1. Significant changes in proportion of people who abandon edits
  2. Significant changes in proportion of ready events that reach saveSuccess
  3. Significant changes in proportion of published edits that are reverted within 48 hours

Event Timeline

For the sake of precision, it set VE as the default mobile experience for: anyone who had never edited before. (Because if they had, even on desktop, they'd have a cookie/preference that we'd listen to instead.) In *practice*, this probably does boil down to new accounts and logged out accounts, with the caveat that logged out accounts do get a localStorage preference saved for the last editor used on that device.

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MNeisler moved this task from Triage to Current Quarter on the Product-Analytics board.