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List syntax should allow multiple new lines between list items without starting a new list
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Author: vlakoff

Currently, if lines beginning with a « * » (for <ul>'s) are separated by an empty line, they are rendered as separate <ul>'s.

i.e. "* foo\n\n* bar" is rendered as "<ul><li>foo</li></ul> <ul><li>bar</li></ul>"

We encounter a lot of cases like that, because contributors may think the wikisource is more readable so, and they don't notice the semantic failure.

In the case of "*", we can be pretty sure the contributor intended to make a single list. So I suggest we could be more tolerant and discard empty lines.

The case of "#" (<ol>) might require some examination of its uses on wikis before, but I think it may be readily feasible too.

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Its also a common error that new users make on Wikinews.

Of course, touching the parser is scary!

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