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Creating an open public domain calculator / Creación de una calculadora de dominio público abierta
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[en] We need an easy way to know when a work is in public domain. There is a Colombian public domain calculator but just for literary works. This can be expanded to any kind of works (audiovisual, for example) and for any country. There are some similar initiatives, but they are not open. The idea is to create it for the use of the Wikimedia projects.

[es] Necesitamos una manera fácil de saber cuándo una obra pasa al dominio público. Existe una Calculadora de dominio público colombiana pero solo para obras literarias. Esto se puede ampliar a cualquier tipo de obra (audivisual, por ejemplo) y para cualquier país. Hay algunas iniciativas similares, pero no están abiertas. La idea es crearla para el uso de los proyectos de Wikimedia.

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This is very important. There is a really interesting effort published but restricted to Europe :-/

Here are all the diagrams in one page.


@Olea contacted me on X. I am the maintainer and developer of the public domain calculators of /

I use YEd to created directed decision trees in the Graphml standard. I then use a JS script that converts this into a decision process that is clickable. You can find the code here:

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Additionally you can have a look at the work of @Hannolans on Wikidata and on

Hanno is responsible for the creation of many public domain determinations on Wikidata and might be able to assist in this issue as well.

@Martsniez thanks a lot for your fast response.

Now I understand how graphml format works. Also I found Gephi can export graphml to other formats.

Now I'm wondering how convenient/useful could be to set up a wikibase instance in to import all your models.

Hi @Olea , not sure if that would be a good fit, Linked Data is not meant to hold decision processes. Happy to try of course. But wouldn't it be more interesting to see if we can create something generic on and based the PD calculation on a Wikibase Q-number?

@Martsniez probably you are right. I'm just in my «do everything with Wikibase» phase of my life :-)

I think @Hannolans can be particularly helpful with determination based on Wikidata, he has done that before. See also this property:

Hi everyone.

Thanks for your recommendations. Happy to collaborate here.

@Hiperterminal: Thanks for participating in the Hackathon! We hope you had a great time.

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We collected some information but, for the moment nobody plans to work in this task.

Thanks for sharing.