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Integrate with screenreader TalkBack
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Author: philinje

Daniel K Gartmann

I am using the official Google screenreader TalkBack my HTC Desire Z and cannot find a way of reading the text in the Wikipedia application. Have you done any test with the Android screenreaders when developing this app? If so, I would really appreciate some guidance as to how to interact with the app with a screenreader and by means of the touchpad and the keyboard. Thanks in advance. Best regards Daniel

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: enhancement



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I don't see a lot of documentation, but here's an old blog post introducing the system:

Briefly tried enabling it on my Nexus 1 (Android 2.3.6). It seems highly dependent on keyboard navigation, which we're currently really bad at on Android for some reason.

Tapping into the search field reads out "edit box web view", and.... that's about it. Ugh!

On the other hand, the system Browser app seems to have the same fate. "Browser. Web view." and ...... nothing more even as I navigate through the document and links using the thumbwheel.

There may be little or nothing we can do; it doesn't seem comparable to iOS's VoiceOver which can actually read text from the web views (though we have some issues with selection and interaction there too)

Slightly more advanced in Android 4.0 with the "explore by touch" feature, but it still reads nothing out of the web views, including in the stock Browser application.

New app should be friendlier to this system, though we'd still have to do some research.

Thanks for the note. We'll keep it in mind as we design the new Wikipedia App. Resolving as this was cut against a deprecated code base.

Change 393131 had a related patch set uploaded (by TerraCodes; owner: TerraCodes):
[mediawiki/extensions/WikimediaMaintenance@master] $wmf* -> $wmg*

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Whoops, typed "3" instead of "4" for the bug, sorry for any noise...