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Verify 1.42.0-wmf.23 deployment
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Verify 1.42.0-wmf.22 * Verify 1.42.0-wmf.23 * Verify 1.42.0-wmf.24

Deployment blockers task: T354441(Add any blockers as subtasks to this ticket)


  • Run QA in production for the following tickets:

  • Add Verified tag to each ticket when done
  • Summarize the results of the QA as a comment in this ticket

Sign off steps

  • Create tickets for any issues that were detected during deployment verification.

QA Results - Prod

VerifiedTaskTitleTest Results/Comments
T360781(MinervaNeue) Guard against undefined in initMediaViewer()Not testable by QA
T360143Suggested design changes to PopupsT360143#9663926
T360102CI tests are failing because of PerformanceBudgetTest::testTotalModulesSizeNot testable by QA
T359205Deployment Ticket - Linting Rule for Template Style FixesNot testable by QA
T359081(Bug) Page previews currently does not work in night mode.T359081#9663937
T359030Increase line height for Vector in standard and large modeT359030#9667450
T359029Change line height for Medium font size on MinervaT359029#9667492
T358736(Bug) Last modified bar is inaccessible (color contrast) in standard mobile mode, convert to blueT358736#9667638
T358424The watchlist menu extends beyond its area on mobileT358424#9645832
T358238Implement Linting Rule for Template Style FixesT358238#9675329
T357740Less color functions not compatible with CSS custom propertiesT357740#9675325
T357707Re-order Vector preferences - night mode should be above limited widthT357707#9645708
T357347Make sortable tables icons more accessible in night modeT357347#9686332
T356677Migrate uses of codex-search in Vector to use CodexModuleT356677#9675328
T356529Evaluate how Wikistories is impacted by night modeT356529#9667308 some icon issues were uncovered and are in review by the designer.
T354974(Tooling) Restore or remove MobileFrontend storybookT354974#9675326
T350338Vector PerformanceBudgetTest::testTotalModulesSize CI breakT350338#9675327

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