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Android Instrumentation for Templates in Wikitext & Edit Patrol
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  • We recently launched the 'Edit Patrol' feature on the Indonesian Wiki and have received user feedback requesting the ability to search for and reply with warning templates. Previous studies have shown that personalized messages can lead to better engagement. By incorporating templates, especially alongside updates to Saved Messages (T356774), we aim to make it easier for Patrollers to create personalized, efficient interactions with other users on Wikipedia.
  • This task also covers the introduction of searching and inserting templates in the Wikitext editor.

Ensure instrumentation follows schema requirements as defined by our analyst.
Analyst must be able to answer for edit patrol:

  • How often are users using a Template while posting talk pages messages messages in Edit Patrol?
  • How often are they saving a message to "Your Messages" that contains a template?


  • Instrumentation of template flow for wider app (using templates from Wikitext editor)


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Hi @ABorbaWMF

Please use this link to download the dev APK to test.

Live streaming

Please make sure to set the "Event platform batch size" to 1
Settings -> Developer settings -> inside "Logging" section -> Event platform batch size