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Increase on 400 status code on page/html (parsoid) responses
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After some users reports on failing requests on page/html it looks like since ~15:45 13/3/2024 we have a very high error rate masked by RESTBase as 400s responses

image.png (471×1 px, 187 KB)

From my local env:

image.png (733×2 px, 178 KB)

The failures looks similar to

curl http://localhost:7233/
"The GET request method does not accept a request body"

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It looks like this fix was backported last week as a hotfix:
But never merged to master so now the same bug got triggered.

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Assuming that the screenshot in the task description is from the Parsoid Health Grafana dashboard, this seems to be resolved:

image.png (296×912 px, 60 KB)