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Add a link to Special:UserRights to Toolbox on user pages
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Like what we have for Special:Block.

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Sounds good.

Just for the record, there is a way to get to the User rights management for a user without typing manually. On Special:Contributions/John_Doe (which is linked from the Toolbox) there is a link on top to the "user rights management".

I'd support removing those links from Special:Contributions and instead putting them in a portlet. And of course making sure that the relevant special pages have their portlet context set to the specified user.

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I would like to attempt to solve this issue. Kindly suggest what should be my approach for solving this bug.


  • Bug 45950 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Dunno why it was duped this way, but there's a patch: gerrit change #53022

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by jenkins-bot :)