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Prepare Wikimedia Hackathon 2024 session for Community configuration 2.0
Closed, ResolvedPublicApr 21 2024


@Urbanecm_WMF and @Michael are attending Wikimedia Hackathon 2024 in Tallinn as Growth team representatives. I should prepare a session proposal and log it under Wikimedia-Hackathon-2024 reasonably soon, see the guidance at


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Apr 21 2024, 10:00 PM

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Since I'm the one attending, I should work on the session proposal (with the help from other Growth team members, esp. engineers, as the audience will be technical).

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Ideas from a brainstorming session with @Sgs:

  1. Where are we at: We presented an informative session during the 2023 Hackathon in Athens, presenting a lot of open questions. Now, about a year has passed, and we should inform the community about what changed and answer "where are we at".
  2. Make your extension community configurable workshop: It is likely the Hackathon in Tallinn will be attended by developers who intend on making extensions/skins they maintain community configurable. To support them, we can have a conversion session, in which we walk the participants through the changes needed.
  3. "Crash me" session: While we QA CommunityConfiguration internally, it is significantly less likely we notice a bug introduced by a legitimate schema that we simply did not test against. Asking participants to find critical bugs in CommunityConfiguration could be a fun way to make our code less buggy.
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@Michael and me discussed this earlier today. We're currently leaning towards going with option 1 ("where are we at") and option 2 ("make your extension community configurable" workshop). In the workshop, we can highlight errors/unexpected behaviour will be appreciated as part of the session, but it does not make sense to host a crash me session separately.