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Surface how much there is to translate
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Idea originally proposed from the following wish below. The desire is to be aware of how big or time consuming will a translation task be for the user.


Initial thoughts

  • We can communicate “how much there is to translate” in different ways: number of characters/bytes, paragraphs, sections, using discrete categories (short, medium, long), an estimation of the time it may take to translate (30min translation vs 1h translation), etc. Each approach provides a different balance between being useful, intuitive, precise, that may make them more or less convenient.
  • We need to think how the support for translating both full articles and expanding with specific sections intersect with this. Is the indication of “length” useful when translating the whole article (which will happen on desktop) or when translating an individual section too (supported on mobile, and also on desktop in the future)?

Event Timeline

A recent report shows how translations based on longer source articles are more likely to be deleted (T356765). In the context of this task, as we communicate the effort to translate we may may want to emphasize the low effort ones.

I did some quick exploration. I think it makes sense to surface the expected effort in both the list of suggestions and the Confirm step. We can do this in a more concise way in the suggestions (e.g., to easily identify quick translations) and in a more detailed way at the confirm step.

In order to communicate the effort, I think expected time using some discrete levels (5 min., 15min., 30min., 1h, and a few hours) can provide intuitive and useful reference for users to estimate the effort based on the time they can/want to invest in the translation.

We also may need to account for the different situations of starting a translaiton for a new article or expand an existing one.

A possible approach is illustrated below:

Translation effort - example workflow.png (1×2 px, 478 KB)

Some additional context of options explored:

Translation effort - analysis.png (3×4 px, 527 KB)
Translation effort - options.png (3×5 px, 729 KB)

More details in Figma