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Article Feedback Page - Put the date first, then the time
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For the absolute time stamp, let's reverse the order between time and date to be date, then time.

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yoni wrote:

The timestamp format is determined by user preferences, and defaults to the current non-logged-in users.
Pending Fabrice's decision.

To make things simpler, I propose we use the logic that Moodbar uses, which is always relative. It is always based on the largest time block for the post, so it would either be:
1 minute ago
1 hour ago
1 day ago
1 week ago
1 month ago
1 year ago

Please contact Benny Situ to see if you can re-use their code. I will make an intro.

yoni wrote:

Closing for now, as per Fabrice's email. The current implementation follows MW standard, and uses its standard framework methods.