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Keep Wikipedia Preview popup attached to its target and add arrow
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  1. The popup preview window does not consistently stick to the associated word ( e.g. in screenshot "Jupiter") when the user scrolls past the word in the reader view. This results in the popup drifting from its anchor point, potentially confusing users about which term the information relates to.
Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 11.37.40 AM.png (1×2 px, 566 KB)
Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 11.37.53 AM.png (1×2 px, 713 KB)
  1. In the editor's view, a tiny marker appears next to the linked word, indicating where the preview is anchored. This marker is not present in the reader view.
  • Modify the popup's position handling to ensure it remains fixed relative to the anchor word regardless of the scrolling position.
  • Make the tiny marker available for both(reader, and editor) views for consistency.
Test Scenarios
  • Open a preview window by clicking on a link within the text and scroll the page to see if the preview window sticks to the linked word.
  • Toggle between the editor and reader views to check for the presence of the marker.
Acceptance Criteria:
  • The preview popup must stay aligned with the anchor word during vertical scrolling in the reader view.
  • The editor and readers view the anchor point marker.

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Note: We change the popup position to fixed because of this ticket

reinvestigate to see any possibilities here.